Who is BirthLifeDoula?

I am a birth doula, childbirth educator, midwifery student, wife and mother to three living gorgeous, loud, red-headed kids. Birth work is my passion, my family is my life, and I strive to stay open to the gifts that each of those roles has to offer me.

My helpers on this journey are my husband of many names (you will encounter him as BirthLifeHusband, Not-Red-Headed Husband, and many other monikers); my oldest son, DoulaBoy, who is terrifyingly close to tween-ness; my middle son, NinjaBoy, a rambunctious first-grader; FearlessToddler, who, with two older brothers in the house, is basically indestructible; and our youngest, Sweet Baby, who was born still at 21 weeks. Oh, and the unstoppable CrazyGentleDog, a counter-surfing GoldenDoodle of epic size, hyperactivity, and lovingness.

Join me on the crazy ride that is life as a working doula/partner/mama!


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