Double Time

I live in double time. My baby died at 21 weeks' gestation; I celebrate the day he was born as his birthday. But that is not the day his life would have begun. Some people honor the estimated due date of a baby that they lost. We did this, too--we buried his placenta and planted … Continue reading Double Time


The Body Knows

Trigger warnings: birth defects, fetal death, stillbirth April the giraffe had her baby! After weeks of waiting, rumors of a hoax, and assertions that she needed a c-section, April the pregnant giraffe FINALLY went into labor, and millions of people around the world watched live on zoo-cam as she gave birth. I have mixed feelings … Continue reading The Body Knows

The Sacred Circle and the Land of the Giant Slugs

Trigger Warning: Pregnancy loss, infant loss, stillbirth. It has been a long time between posts, partly because I got busy—with nursing coursework, with family, with starting a new group practice. And partly because, let’s face it, sometimes we have blocks. What pulls me out of this block is ironically something that I would have expected … Continue reading The Sacred Circle and the Land of the Giant Slugs